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OGS touch panel for mobilephone becomes a source of future growth for Truly Opto.
Author:    From:China Ausiness News

——From China Ausiness News

Truly Opto. OGS production line commissioning ceremony was hold in Truly International Limited Shanwei factory this morning (Oct. 12th). In next 2 to 3 years, OGS touch panel for mobilephone will be a source of growth to Truly International on revenue and profits, said by Mr. Li Jianhua, the Executive Dire-ctor of Truly International and the General Manager of Truly Opto. , in an inter-view of <China Ausiness News>.    

Li Jianhua indicated, as long as the trend of slimmer and lighter of smarkphone, the touch panel of mobilephone is requested to be slimmer and lighter. In ord-er to meet the demand of mobilephone customers,     Truly invested 500M H-K$ to build the OGS factory, said Mr. Li. 

OGS (one glass solution is with one piece glass structure) touch panel is to ma-ke the touch sensor on a single layer of tempered glass. Comparing with traditi-onal 2-layer structure touch panel, the costs of one layer glass and one process of lamination are saved, which is lighter, slimmer, more transparent and more powerful. OGS is becoming one of the key components of high-end smartpho-ne both in China and abroad. 

       By this October, the capacity of Truly 4.3’ OGS product can reach 100M pcs, said by Li Jianhua. It will rise to 600M pcs per month by H2 of 2013. At that ti-me, Truly will become China No. 1 and world TOP3 of OGS manufacturer.

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Truly International, said by Li Jianhua, Truly Opto. had started the R&D for several years before launching the OGS line. The invest of 500M Yuan will be recouped by October, 2015.

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